Time-Line Therapy

Use in combination with Neuro-Linguistic Practice and Hypnotherapy, Time-Line Therapy® was founded by Tad James, MS., Ph.D., is a useful effective method to create quick and lasting relief to individual having to deal with psychological and emotional issues.

It is known today that behavioural changes are effected unconsciously rather than consciously. Many of human physical acts of speech, bodily movements and even thinking are executed unconsciously - through instincts and habits. So to cause a change in those inherently acquired responses to situations and issues, the unconscious part of the human needs to be addressed. Time-Line Therapy® provides such a method. Many individuals go about their daily lives carrying with them many unresolved negative emotions (really useless and unnecessary baggage). They burden the individual and hinder the expressions of the full potentials and capabilities of the individual. Those emotional baggage may include repressed anger, hidden anxieties, unrecognised phobias, deep-seated guilt feelings, unexpressed fears and unresolved worries. Time-Line Therapy® permits the client to discover the root cause of those issues and with the assistance of the therapist, can easily transform those issues to power and energies that ultimately empower the client to a more manageable behaviour.

Jeffrey is a fully certified and registered Time-Line Therapist.