Family, Relational Issues & Mediation

Families are unit blocks of the community. Communities are foundations and pillars upon which society is built. People comprising the family unit are therefore important. Socially healthy and well-balanced individuals are the corner-stones of a desirable family. Interpersonal relationships between individual family members are established on grounds of mutual trusts, respect and honesty. Interpersonal communications exhibit high levels of sensitivities and tendencies towards love and understanding.

However, we know that not everything runs smoothly everyday. There are the ups and downs. Ups are okay but downs can be mentally exhaustive. While it is recognised that members of families do express moments of conflicts and misunderstandings, they are however considered as process of "growing up". It is when those conflicts and misunderstandings have been mismanaged and permitted to oblique to situations of alarming proportions that programmes relating to family relation resolutions, conflict resolutions, negotiating issues and mediation become useful.

Mediation programmes aim at towards stabilising those disruptive situations. It attempts to search for solutions through mutual resolutions and agreements that benefits all parties. Members are made to recognised the underlying cause(s) of undesirable factors that had deteriorated the relationships. By mutual consent, couples and participants are brought to view any unpleasantness with more positive and realistic understanding.