Depression, Stress & Anxiety Resolutions

Our forefathers had experienced stress and anxious moments in the past. Today we meet such situations also. While they were able to cope, today most of us (especially those living in secular, affluent and urbanized societies), besides obtaining the services of family physicians (to attend to our physical and biological ailments) also retain the services of family psychiatrists to manage our mental health. In fact there are two very fast expanding social institutions. They are non other than the prison and the mental institutions. 

Today it is common for everyone to blame everyone else and everything (even the creator) for any unfortunate mishaps or misfortune. We seem to forget that our forefathers had faced life threatening stresses and anxieties situations before. Still they manage to cope and the current world population - you and me - are the result. How did they do it? 

Some topics discussed include:

  • What is stress?
  • Our biological and psychological defense mechanisms
  • Recognising situations and issues
  • We and our environment
  • Looking into our worldviews and attitudes
  • Overloaded with unnecessary psychological baggages and how to discard them
  • Managing our emotions
  • Coping strategies