Enrichment & Life Skills Negotiations

It is the natural tendency for most people to want to improve themselves. The acquirement of knowledge increases our physical and mental capacities and capabilities to meet the daily challenges of life and that of living. Those endowed with a slight degree of wisdom will surely recognise that situations in life are never stable or permanent. Issues and problems arise daily. Therefore our intelligent and rapid deployment of those response capabilities greatly determines whether or not we weather those storms.

Enrichment programmes are designed to equip the participants discover their latent potentialities within themselves and to relate them to the environment. Those programmes are designed to awaken the participants to mindful awareness of themselves and that of their surroundings.

Some topics include:-

  • Reinvent yourself with new understanding
  • Empower yourself with knowledge
  • Develope positive thinking skills
  • Manage, harness and exploit your potentials to the fullest
  • Seeking and appreciating happiness
  • Understanding your worldview

Courses, lectures and workshops on topics to enrich your lives can be organized and tailored to your needs.