It is said that human beings are social animals. We need to be together. In our attempts to forge meaningful and pleasant relationships, there will be times when such efforts generate stress, tensions and anxieties. We seem to loose control over situations and we clam up. We crawl into our little dark shells and there we brood with despair and melancholy. Sometimes life's challenges take a toll on our psyche and we break down mentally. Our energies quickly drain away from us. We are left with utter loneliness and despair.

Under such trying and exhausting circumstances, if we are sufficiently wise and anticipatory, we seek the advise and guidance of family members, siblings, parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and religious people. More often than not they offer well-meaning and comforting words. However those befrienders and facilitators lack the professional ability, qualifications and experiences to offer meaningful solutions. Here the services of a trained counsellor are required.

Counselling is a structured and guided system of therapeutic treatment aimed toward alleviating, lessening or even removing those symptoms that created the undesirable situation. It looks into underlying issues and probes to discover issues that cause distress. Systematically, the counsellor guides his client to the road of possible recovery or at least to offer the client options that he can embark upon to relief him of his distress.

Counselling is safe and no medications are prescribed. The counsellor employs well-tested techniques to assist clients meet those challenges and to discover remedies. 

Each counselling programme comprises of eight sessions (depending upon the severity and complexities of the presenting problems) with each session lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. 

Jeffrey provides counselling sessions in a non-intrusive and non-clinical settings.