Mental Health Programmes

The human organism comprises of two basic interactive components - the physical and the mental aspects. We are all somewhat familiar of what it takes to maintain a strong and healthy body. But many would find some difficulties in trying to establish an appropriate mental balance for his or her psychological well being. 

The topic of mental health is relatively new when compared to physical health. However, within the context of today's social, economic and political environments that we live in, interest in this subject seems to be on the rise. Many, facing the stresses, anxieties, tensions and pressures created by those environments, are seeking some sort of remedy. 

The mental health programmes that Regional Human Skills offer are usually tailored to suit specific problem areas. The approach taken is holistic and starts with the discovery of the person we refer to as "the self". Other topics include:

  • Self and the environment
  • Understanding genetic influences on the individual
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Interpersonal relationships skills
  • Appreciating moods and emotions
  • Human milestones and journey through life
  • Growing up