Meditation is more than merely sitting down crossed legged for a few hours. At one end it is a practise whereby the meditator enjoys a few moments of mental relaxations and to be in mental states that is free of anxieties and pressure. At the other extreme, meditation is a spiritual quest whereby the yogi attempts to fulfill his innermost desire to fathom the meaning of life and death - to finally utilize such realization for his own betterment in facing the multifarious vicissitudes of life and preperation to face moments of death.

Meditations has been associated with the religion, historicity and culture of both Hinduism and Buddhism. This is rightly so because the practise of meditation actually predates both such systems and was particularly imbued into the social system of the Indian subcontinent. Archelogical discoveries have revealed that ascetics living as far back as during the ancient Harrapa and Mohendojero civilizations of the Indus valley (some 5000 BCE) practised such mental exercises and culture.

Why meditate?

Today, it is an established fact that meditational exercises and practises do bring about certain mental relief for the yogi. For those who finds the strains of having to face daily life's challenges - work, family, financial, social, spiritual - meditation allows the yogi certain mental transformations to perceive the external world from different viewpoints. With that the yogi eventually adopts the new found mental culture as part of his life. He stabilizes himself in the turbulent sea of uncertainties.

Is meditation harmful?

A resounding NO! No one has yet died because of meditation or through meditation practises. Under the careful tutelage of a skilled meditation trainer, practitioners can hope to benefit greatly through the freeing of the mind from "unnecessary and unwanted baggage" that had burdened him throughout his life. In fact meditation sets about a sense of mental peacefulness and tranquility mood.

When can one start?

Anytime and the sooner the better. Just as you wish for healthy physical life - free from or at least the lessening of diseases and sickness that afflict our bodies - by paying careful considerations with your diet; just as you would desire for graceful ageing by participating in some sort of physical exercises and so for improved mental health you can start meditating as soon as possible.

Some helpful topics covered during meditation sessions:

  • Discovering yourself
  • Journey thought life
  • Living in the present moment
  • Re-inventing yourself
  • Overcoming negative feelings
  • Building positive emotions
  • Managing stresses and anxieties
  • Conquering fear
  • Establishing peace, tranquility and love
  • The search for happiness